XML Schema Viewer

Online XML Schema Viewer

Summer 2017

This is an interactive graphical display of any xml schema definition (xsd file) with built in full text search. It's written in JavaScript, so it's running in most modern browsers. Just click on a node for expanding/collapsing the tree structure. You don't need to install an expensive xml tool in order to view an xml schema any more!

Tools for FundsXML

Tools for FundsXML

Summer 2018, updated 2019

Tools for handling of FundsXML documents:

  • Online schema viewer for FundsXML format
  • Online generation of FundsXML document, calculation of currency exposure and chart display
  • Online format and quality check of FundsXML documents
  • Open source command line tool for conversion of CSV data to FundsXML format and vice versa